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Strengthen and Expand
Your Direct Sales
Did you know...

  …that 62% of all reservations made on OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) such as Pricleine.Com, Booking.com, Expedia come from users that review a hotel’s website before making their reservation? This means that the average hotel has the potential of generating at least 62% (more with S.E.O., affiliate & loyalty programs) of its online reservations, commission free using just its website and an online reservation system like WebReservationsDirect.Com.

  WebReservationsDirect.Com is commission free online reservation system while OTAs charge between 15% - 30% commissions. Clearly, it is in a hotel’s best interest to convert as many of its indirect OTA sales to direct sales using WebReservationsDirect.Com. We encourage you to visit the Demo Hotel webpage to view a demonstration of how our service can integrates into a hotel's website.

  As most hoteliers are aware, there is the issue of Rate Parity which hinders hotels from taking advantage of the booking engines they currently use with their website. WebReservationsDirect.Com has the solution.

Beating ‘Rate Parity’

  OTAs provide a valuable service to the hotel and accommodation industry, especially during low season. However, this service comes at a significant expense (a 20% commission which could easily translate into +40% of net profit) and with the added restriction of Rate Parity.

  Rate Parity is commonly thought of as a broad restriction that prevents a hotel from selling rooms at lower rate than that published with the OTA. In truth, Rate Parity has a much narrower definition and only applies to the “published rates” for a specific room on a given night with identical restrictions. However, rooms are not all identical. Some rooms are on a higher floor, have a better view, have been recently renovated, etc. Clearly, there is a difference between a ‘Standard’ and ‘Deluxe’ double room.


The fact that a hotel is not required to list all of its room types with an OTA makes it possible to list a “Deluxe Double” with an OTA at a higher nightly rate and list “Standard Double” rooms at a lower rate on WebReservationsDirect.Com, commission free. By implementing this strategy, not only can a hotel save on paying 3rd party OTA commissions, but also to upgrade a guest to a “Deluxe Double” if availability permits.

  WebReservationsDirect.Com provides significant added value with its “Room-Packages”. Keep in mind, guests who visit a hotel’s website are looking for value and not necessarily lower rates. For example, if a hotel lists a double room on an OTA for $150 per night and pays a 15% commission, that amounts to $45 in commissions for a 2 night stay booked through the OTA. WebReservationsDirect.Com’s “Room-Packages” allows the hotel to sell the identical room for $155 per night and provide the guest with a $25 gift certificate for the hotel restaurant.

2 Nights Stay
2 Nights Stay
Revenue: $310.00 Revenue: $300.00
Transaction Fee: 15% Commission: $45.00
Gift Certificate: $25.00    
Net Revenue: $279.01 Net Revenue: $255.00

Not only does the guest save $25, the hotel increase its revenue, the guest have the incentive to dine at the hotel (and spend more than $25 on dinner for two), but it does not violate Rate Parity as the room listed on WebReservationsDirect.Com is $5 more per night than what is listed on the OTA.

Make Your Hotel
More Competitive
... and give potential guests what they want
WebReservationsDirect.com offers hoteliers the ability to take advantage and monetize the traffic that is being driven to their website from OTA websites, metasearch engines, search engines, and affiliate websites.
Increase your conversion rate and commission free reservations
62% of all guests that reserve a room using an OTA review the hotel’s website before making their reservation. Why not make use of this traffic and convert it into reservations made with WebReservationsDirect.Com where it costs only per reservation instead of paying 15% - 30% commissions to an OTA?
  • WebReservationsDirect.Com is designed to allow you to publish multiple room types and packages that allow you to list more competitive rates and provide your guests more value while increasing your net revenue.
  • Our reservation interface is designed to appeal to Internet users who spend an average of 20 minutes researching accommodations on major OTA and metasearch engines.
  • WebReservationsDirect.Com is formatted for EVERY desktop, tablet and mobile phone web browser.
  • Give your guests the confidence that their data is safe and secure. WebReservationsDirect.Com employs Extended Validation SSL certificates (the green lock to the left of the browsers URL address) which is both secure and shows the user that they are exchanging information with a legal entity, Harrison Consulting, Inc..
  • Small groups like staying at the same accommodation and WebReservationsDirect.Com allows users to book up to 4 Room Types on a single reservation.
  • WebReservationsDirect.Com supports 9 common languages spoken in North America and Europe (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian) and provides exchange rates for 55 currencies which are updated every 15 minutes.
Time is Money
Saves You Both
We Make “The Net” Work!

Satisfying users’ needs and increasing your directing sales is just half the equation. The other half is making the hotelier’s life easier through automation and an easy to use extranet. WebReservationsdirect.Com was developed and is operated by Harrison Consulting, Inc., a company that has been developing software solutions for the past 20 years and understands the critical balance between cost, needs, functionality and usability.

WebReservationsDirect.Com has the following built-in functionality:
  • WebReservationsDirect.Com offers “Smart-Promo” codes that you can provide your affiliates, valued guests, or simply use to promote a loyalty program. “Smart-Promo” codes can apply for a specified date range or be set to have a limited number of uses.
  • New Reservation notifications are sent to you by e-mail and by SMS (both to North American and Europe) at no additional charge.
  • All reservations and confirmations are sent to your guests via e-mail in printable PDF format and contain reservation details, hotel policies, and map of your location.
  • WebReservationsDirect.Com seamlessly integrates with your hotel’s online merchant gateway such that the value of a reservation is “Captured” from your guest’s credit card and made directly available to you for processing.
  • Fraud Protection: If your accommodation doesn’t use an online merchant gateway, not to worry. We employ fraud protection so that all credit card information used to make a reservation is verified so that you don’t accidentally manually process a lost, stolen, cancelled, or otherwise compromised credit card.
  • Package Rates, Package Discount, and Minimum Night Stay use “Easy Range”, a time saving feature that allows you to apply changes to certain days of the week over extended date ranges. For example, configuring a Room-Package to require a 2 night minimum stay for Friday Arrivals over the course of your high-season is takes less than 10 seconds.
  • Unlimited hotel and room images
  • One-Click "Stop Sales"
  • WebReservationsDirect.Com's statistics helps you identify problems with room allotment, pricing, and discounts by providing you with vital information such as when searches were performed, for what dates, how many overnights and for how many occupants.