WebReservationsDirect.Com Pricing

WebReservationsDirect.Com pricing has one low monthly hosting fee and a transaction fee for new reservations. Since WebReservationsDirect.Com verifies guest credit card information, your transaction fees reflect only reservations from guests who supplied their correct personal, credit card, and billing information.

All of WebReservationsDirect.Com's plan feature:

  • WebReservationsDirect.Com doesn't charge commission
  • WebReservationsDirect.Com doesn't charge setup fees
  • Unlimited Room Types and Packages
  • No minimum room allotment
  • Free SMS Notification
  • Guest Welcome and Confirmation e-mails
  • The steps are simple:
    • Select the plan that best fits your needs
    • Register & payment for the first month’s hosting
    • Follow the instructions in our welcome e-mail to make changes to your website and accept online reservations for a fraction of your current costs.

    WebReservationsDirect.Com offers service to the U.S.A., Canada, England, Ireland, Greece & Cyprus.

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