WebReservationsDirect.Com Q & A

What is WebReservationsDirect.Com?
WebReservationsDirect.Com is an online hotel reservation system developed by Harrison Consulting, Inc., a Connecticut, USA based technology firm and serves independent hotels of all sizes. WebReservationsDirect.Com was released in Europe in 2014, and North America in 2015.

Is Your Information Safe?
In a word, Yes. WebReservationsDirect.Com uses what is known as Enhanced Security SSL Certificates which is identified by the Enhanced SSL Green Lock in your browser’s address bar. Enhanced Security SSL Certificates not only securely encrypt your data but they also reveal the identity of the organization to which it was issued. In the case of WebReservationsDirect.Com, it is Harrison Consulting, Inc., a company that was established in 1994 and has a sterling reputation for developing mobile, desktop and web applications.

Your Privacy
Your data is shared ONLY with the hotel you have made your reservation. WE DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR DATA TO ANY OTHER 3rd PARTY.

Why Does This Hotel Use WebReservationsDirect.Com?
It’s simple: WebReservationsDirect.Com is a Win-Win option for both the hotel and the guests that make their reservations through our website. OTAs or Online Travel Agencies (e.g. Booking.Com, Expedia, Priceline, Hotels.Com, etc.) operate by listing hotels on their websites and charge them a commission based on the value of the reservations made through the OTA’s website. What most guests don’t realize is that these commission fees range anywhere from 15% to a staggering 30% (for ‘priority listings’). Although these fees are not directly charged to the guest, they are included in the quoted price and later charged back to the hotel. In other words, if a guest reserves a room for a week through an OTA that is valued at $2000, the OTA will charge the hotel anywhere from $300 to $600 in commissions just for the reservation… leaving the hotel (which is responsible for providing guest with everything from a clean room to all amenities and services) with as little as $1400. In contrast, WebReservationsDirect.Com is commission free and charges the hotel only $9.99 per month and $5.99 for the every reservation. This hotel uses WebReservationsDirect.Com and has the freedom to pass these significant savings to you, the guest, or to provide you with extra services such as free meals, free WIFI, free room upgrade, etc. Either way, making your reservation through WebReservationsDirect.Com is a Win-Win for both you and the hotel.

The Illusion of Choice - What doesn't get advertised
It would seem as though there are many, many OTAs out there to choose from and it’s nonsensical to assume that they all charge eye-watering commission rates, right? Wrong! Effectively, there are only two companies in the online travel industry through which most online reservations are made: Priceline Group and Expedia. Below is a list of each parent company’s holdings:

Given the lack of choice for the consumer, high commission rates, and coordinated marketing strategies of these organizations, it should be clear that there is a very real need for WebReservationsDirect.Com to assist small and mid-sized independent hotels which offer guests an authentic and genuine experience at their location.

We hope that this web page has satisfactorily answered your questions as to who we are, what we do, and the legitimacy of WebReservationsDirect.Com’s mission. If you agree with our mission and would like to support us, please 'like' us on Facebook.

All of us at Harrison Consulting, Inc. hope that you find our service helpful and wish you a pleasant stay on your journey away from home.